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I was amazed! Shortly after Kaye’s visit to the home there was a dramatic increase in the number of showings and as a result, the home was SOLD!”

 “Houses that have lagged on the market for months are suddenly being shown again, and again, and again!”

“The immediate increase in activity and offers was amazing!”


Feng Shui

“Personal issues are no longer under wraps. We are dealing with them.”

“Kaye cleared the negative energy and we are now staying in our home.”

“In 1-?weeks, I received $8000.00 of unexpected work.”


Feng Shui ~ Sleeping Aid

WOW! My young daughter has not really slept thru the night and resisted her nap time. I was so stressed out until I contacted Kaye. Kaye came and dowsed where my daughter’s crib was placed. She repositioned her crib and now my daughter is sleeping thru the night and at nap time. You saved my sanity!!!!!!! Thank you!!! LS Surrey BC

Kaye, don’t know how you do what you do but moving my son to another area, he’s sleeps through the night and his temperament is very cheerful. My husband and I are so thankful. Maria Calgary AB

My daughter saw a ghost in our home and you would be able to confirm what she was seeing our home. Thank you for clearing this ghost and for speaking to her so she could understand what was happening. SC Calgary


Audio CD

I use your CD to help me be more focused and calm.  I also play it to my network workshop participants.  Andrew Mondia

It gives me a sense of calm in my busy stressful life.  D.J.

It takes me to higher realms in my visualization.  Awesome!  Ben


Spiritual Response Therapy

“I’m feeling lighter – as if a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders.”

“My conflicts with my mate, boss and friends have resolved.”

“I have a greater understanding of addictive relationship patterns with certain individuals.”

“I have greater clarity to move forward with ease in life.”

“There is less interference from energy attachments on different levels.”

“I have noticed improved health and well-being.”

“Long-standing legal issues/court cases resolved very quickly with amazing positive results.”

“I have better communication with my inner self/soul. I feel a greater sense of unity.”


TIR – Trauma Incident Reduction

I saw Kaye several times, for trauma treatment.  I can honestly say that this treatment has opened my life path for me.  Several health issues have disappeared.  To date, I note that my morning sinus has disappeared.  Most of all my depression has lifted and I feel like getting out of bed it the morning.  There are other smaller issues that have cleared up.  Kaye has healed the source of my health issues rather than treating the symptoms.  In my opinion, the treatment Kaye gave me is invaluable and life changing.

In the month of June 2013, I worked with Kaye Jansen, utilizing a method for TIR a total of five sessions.  While each session dealt with one topic and reached completion within a maximum of one hour and a quarter, there became an apparent connection between the topics of which I was not previously aware.

During each of the sessions, I became conscious of where in my body I was holding the energy of these traumatic events.  I also was able, through the guidance of Kaye, to release that energy and regain the personal power lost.

These sessions were completely self-directed and ended when I felt the need to end them.  Kaye facilitated this process with kindness and empathy and did not interfere with the progression of the TIR.  Since my last session, I have been well, strong and with my own person power and have a greater awareness of myself and others.  I “hear” myself and the spirit power that guides me.  I look forward to working with Kaye in the near future.  KB – Alberta


Causal Realignment

I was freed from the heavy dense feeling in my office left by clientele that seemed to energetically drain me. After clearing work I was able to power-through and get my work done.” Lawyer’s Office

Kaye’s ability to zero in on the stress creating poor skating performance rebalanced my energy. I immediately started skating better and feeling stress-free. Professional Hockey Player

I’ve received Kaye Jansen’s clairvoyant energy work and am very impressed with her talents, dedication and skill level. Kaye read my energy body from across the country. I was astounded at her accuracy with respect to details about me which would have had to been seen in order to be described. The causal realignment work she did was subtle yet very powerful. I experienced gentle emotional release, physical symptom release and many new insights as she cleared my field and helped to bring my body and my life into balance. Her work is cutting-edge and has brought me more health and well-being. Because of her work with me, I appreciate even more the creative healing potential that is awakened when working with the energy body. Also, I have highly recommended her healing work to others, and in doing so have seen them prosper as well. Tenderly and truthfully,
Robin Preboy – Wellness Coach for Women Arrive, Healing Into Love 416-804-4206

Hi Kaye, My husband just told me “You look full of energy. What happened this afternoon?” Wow! Told him that you re-aligned my energy. I feel good again, Kaye. Thank you so much!!!. I held the small vial on my heart of Spirit energy all the way in the bus and SkyTrain on the way back and it felt good. I have a lot of action items following our meeting. I will keep you posted of the progress. Thank you again, Michelle

Just wanted to thank you and let you know how great I feel. On Sunday night I was going to finish an essay but didn’t have the energy, Monday I woke up with really sore throat and bad headache (I slept great though), didn’t work on the essay at all. Went to bed at 10 last night and realized I felt fine and wasn’t tired at all, got up, wrote the whole essay and this morning I feel great. I can’t even remember the last time I could study after 10 at night let alone write a whole paper!!!!! Now the whole thing is done and I pretty much have at least half the day free (timewise and worrywise)!!! Thank you so much, you’re awesome!!!!! Kelly McHale

You are amazing! Good morning Kaye, Something extra-ordinarily good happened to me this morning that I can only explain as coming from your healing. Mom woke up early and was very hungry; she started singing a Quebec folk song from the 1940’s very loud – as loud as she could sing – so as to wake us up. I specially hate the type of songs that she was singing because they remind me of a part of the culture of Quebec that I want nothing to do with. She knows that. I could not stay in bed because it was unbearable. So I got up and asked he if she wanted to go for breakfast; she said Yes right away and added that she was very hungry, as if she had the total right to wake me up and use my services as needed. I took her for breakfast at a restaurant not far. And although I was still sleepy and very slow in moving because I was forced out of my normal sleep cycle, I DID NOT FEEL ANY ANGER. This is the first time something like this happens. On the way to the restaurant, I kept checking myself for anger, and could find none. I even found the situation somehow funny. You simply took my anger away. Meditation and healing were not able to achieve this because events like this one used to make me so angry that I could not even meditate; all my energy was used to contain myself. It happened 3 hours ago and I still don’t feel any anger. During self-healing sessions one month or so ago, I had repeatedly asked the Healing Spirit to help me get rid of my anger, mostly the anger towards my Mom; and Spirit sent me to you. I don’t think a lifetime of meditation could have removed my anger the way you did it in 2 sessions. I hope it will remain that way. Thank you Kaye. ML Vancouver BC

Success (so far!) from crystal healing I had done. Hi Kaye, I am getting back to you to let you know how I am feeling during the time since the healing. I just realized today (Tuesday) that the pain in my right shoulder, neck and arm is practically gone. My breathing capacity has widened from diaphragm up until my chest. I also no longer feel the that frustrating I was feeling which was confirmed during our healing to be old childhood frustrations. I knew after I talk to you that Tuesday when I said I feeling fine, I knew (because of the amount of healing I have done so far and my experiences) there would be some storms coming. I for the last few weeks have been going thru some big emotional waves which I just subsiding now. I know thru truthful information there is a lot going on in earth right now. I know for me it felt like I was losing control and I do remember now I did ask for help in continuing to learn to let go daily. I also know I am learning how to not force things to happen. I am just practicing right now thru my intuition’s guidance to just allow myself to relax. And as I know from my past experiences that is best and most effective way to get guidance of where to go next. So a big time of patience and trusting right now. So that is all for now. I will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks, take care, Leanne


Request to Quote www.clearyourpath.ca: Dear Kaye, I am an instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Holistic Studies. One of our small courses (5–14 students) is a familiarization of energy work and systems. It is basically an introduction to energy concepts and an attempt to open the students mind to all the possibilities. One of the areas discussed is the Chakras. I also wish to include a little information on the Assemblage Point. I have found your site to have a concise yet comprehensive explanation of the assembly point. I would like to include your narrative and one of the pictures. It would be included in the student’s notes. I would of course provide you and your web page full credit as follows: The following course material on the Assemblage Point has been extracted from Kaye Jansen’s website www.clearyourpath.ca with her kind permission. Kaye’s web site offers information about various aspects of energy systems and a number of related services. Doug Thomson, RA
Thank you for your interest in helping your students understand the Assemblage Point energy work. You have my permission, Kaye Jansen


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