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More about TIR SESSIONS:

Person must have eaten, be in a rested, coherent state for the therapy to be effective, with no drugs or alcohol in the system.  Also, they must be emotionally stable and able to access past events. A clients’ ability to be coherent may have to be assessed prior to the session, especially if someone is in detox or has had psychological breakdowns.  This is a great way to take advantage of the free SKYPE/phone session. (See below for details). There is no cost for this assessment.

Sessions can range from 40 minutes to 90 minutes.  After the client has received the TRI sessions the emotional charge is released from the memory and the client is at ease and peace with the incident.  The facial and body language are deeply relaxed.  The facilitator calls this the end point.  Every incident will have an end point when a session is finished. With each session, the client may provide feedback as to how the TIR sessions have affected their feelings, emotions and thoughts between sessions.

Clear Your Path Dynamics is offering thirty minute free consultation, (to connect via SKYPE or phone), to listen to the concerns of those interested in having sessions and make suggestions of what techniques would be beneficial to them, so they can make their own educated choices of what resonates with them.  Sessions are always one on one.

Although some clients report life altering changes after one session, clients with numerous issues may require a series of sessions.

NeurOptimal Feedback Brainwave technology

NeurOptimal Feedback Brainwave technology

TIR and NeurOptimal Feedback Brainwave technology can be used in tandem and are highly effective because, if the client doesn’t wish to discuss past events or their memories are blocked, then the brainwave will help shift the trauma/stuck energy in the brain. Therefore, it is not necessary for the client to disclose personal issues and events. It is their choice.

Many practitioners of TRI are long time psycho-therapists and counsellors from similar fields who have left their old talk therapies behind and mainly use TRI.  It is approved by the Canadian Counselling Association, which has embraced this work as a fast and effective, with permanent results.  It naturally allows the person’s mind to self correct and heal.

Basic TIR: People know, specifically, what they want to work on, such as divorce, medical procedure, loss of job, loss of loved one or an assault.

 Unwanted Feelings:  When people have unwanted feelings, emotions, attitudes, sensations or pain without knowing what past incidents may be causing the problems.  Thematic TIR addresses these unwanted feelings, tracing down through the layered incidents until all the emotional charges are released.

Unblocking:  May be done before Basic TIR as the client may not know what they need to work on.  (I feel helpless but don’t know why. I used to be able to get up early in the morning but now I lie around all day and feel depressed).

At the end of each session, whether TIR, Thematic or Unblocking is used, the same end point is reached.

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