TIR Healing Sessions

Layered, painful, emotional charges can be brought to the surface,  released & permanently cleared, through TIR healing sessions. TIR is an accredited program recognized by the Canadian Counselling Association.




Trauma impacts everyone’s life, at some time and can alter brain wave patterns.  It can rob our vitality and abilities to function in a calm, alert, responsive way and make good decisions in daily life situations.

Everyone has memories attached to life events and every memory has an emotional charge, whether it is negative or positive.  The client’s perception of the incident of the event has an emotional charge attached to the memory.  Unexamined and unresolved past events can create low energy and behavioural issues.

When a painful incident occurs (emotional or physical), one has the option of confronting it and feeling the pain or blocking awareness of it. (The client may be aware or unaware of repressing the emotion, and that could be a life-long learned pattern).  This has a dulling affect on our ability to perceive, to respond intellectually in the present, and enjoy our current environment.

If not released, the charge/s can accumulate over the years, in layers. The client’s life force energy and level of vitality can be affected, on a physical, mental or emotional level.  An example is the feeling of being stuck and unable to reach life goals and potential.

Unresolved past incidents, layered within a person’s energy field, can manifest in constant conflict in relationships, work and the school environment with a negative impact.  Some people are constantly triggered by negative emotional charges that are attached to old, painful memories.  The layers can be so deep that a person no longer knows the root cause and, in fact, can be completely unaware of the impact of their behavior and actions.

Traumatic events range from:

  •  the birthing process
  •  childhood experiences
  •  physical violence (assault)
  •  mental, & sexual abuse
  •  embarrassment & harassment (home, workplace, school, etc.)
  •  accidents (sports injuries, car accidents, falls, etc.)
  •  death of a loved one (Grief & bereavement)
  •  major losses (home, money, friend, dignity)
  •  war & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  •  migration from another country or place
  •  Many others


stones-in-sea-thumb14998952 (4)WHAT IS IT?

TIR provides an opportunity to examine past traumas in a safe environment, free of distractions, judgments or interpretation, unlike some counselling sessions.  With the TIR technique, a trained facilitator guides the client through a specific series of questions around the trauma incident to release the emotional charge on the memory of the incidents.

The client views the painful event from the beginning to the end of the incident until the mind self-corrects.  Once the entire emotional charge on the memory has been completely released the client will view the incident from a different perspective, which is the object of the session. The memory still remains but the emotion around the painful event has been dispersed.

At the point where the incident has been fully viewed, clients will have an experience through either a feeling, a sensation or emotion, will arrive at a more positive viewpoint of the incident. The client’s attention become un-stuck and often they have some realization or what is commonly referred to as a revelation, epiphany or an “ah-ha” moment.  This is called an end point.

No counselling is required during the TIR session.



The TIR therapy is rapid compared to traditional therapy methods.  It quickly and effectively reduces traumatic stress from emotional/physically painful events in the past, with permanent results.

They will have access to greater vitality, reduced chronic body pain and give them the ability to move forward in life.


Developed by Frank A. Gerbode, MD of the Institute for Research in Metapsychology in Menlo Park, CA
TIR is a regressive, desensitization procedure for reducing or eliminating the negative residual impact of traumatic experience.


Any age, from 7 years old and up, (maturity of a child may be a factor).

Thematic Trauma Incident sessions can be traced back through a number of events until the events are cleared of the unwanted emotional charge attached to the memories.  The underlying feeling, attitudes, pain, can be permanently released.  At the end of each session, clients may experience a deep relief, a feeling of lightness and there is a difference in the way clients view situations. Their point of view of the incident will change and the brain self-corrects releasing the emotional charge.  Once the emotional charges are released, and the client is relaxed, the facilitator calls the end point and the session is finished.

Many clients report relief from pain, even fibromyalgia, accidents, medical procedures, bereavement , major shock, loss or stressful event.  The traumatic events block our life force energy and also release the feelings of shame, guilt and depression with fast, immediate results.

The resolution of past traumatic incidents can bring about a greatly improved quality of life and many people feel a lot of vitality and clarity in their bodies and their mind.



  • immediate pain relief (emotional or physical)
  • better & higher energy level
  • happier heart
  • greater clarity

Find out more, about how the sessions work, how long they are, what is happening within sessions, how to prepare and more. CLICK  HERE

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    About TIR Sessions

    More about TIR SESSIONS: Person must have eaten, be in a rested, coherent state for the therapy to be effective, with no drugs or alcohol in the system.  Also, they must be emotionally stable and able to access past events. A clients’ ability to be coherent may have to be assessed prior to the session, …