Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy

is a method of identifying hidden influences that are not explained by current life situations.

SRT is a dowsing technique used to research the subconscious-mind and soul records (Akashic Records) to find self-limiting beliefs-programming that the soul has accumulated over many lifetimes. It can identify the deepest hidden influences on multiple levels of consciousness and lifetimes.

Through the use of 31 charts an experienced practitioner can identify and do an in-depth clearing of accumulated negative soul programming, allowing you to heal and to replace the old beliefs with new, orderly steps and positive energies.

SRT works very well for clearing curses, vows (marital and religious) outdated beliefs, destructive behaviour patterns and entities of different levels. It is also used for house, office or land clearing with huge success.


Davut-aura-2012nov06 Davut-aura-2012nov08
Auric Field Before Auric Field After


  • Detzler, Robert: The Freedom Path Soul Re-creation
  • Detzler, Robert: Soul Re-creation
  • For more information see www.spiritualresponse.com.


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