Space Clearing

Space Clearing


Before & After Clearing

Everything in the universe is made of energy, interconnecting, and vibrating at different levels of frequency. Any human, animal or non-physical form that has been connected to the property has an energy influence.

This influence can be perceived as positive or negative and can be seen as layers of emotional energy or as energetic “attachments”.

For example, past owners of a home, land or office space can leave an energy residue that may not have been released. In this case the space will need to be cleared to remove the former occupants energy and allow the new owner to ‘connect’ with the property and ‘own’ their space. In Kaye’s experience, this example of space clearing can bring a feeling of lightness and the ability to fill the space up with their life-force energy of “Who they are” which can lead to a sense ownership.

A skilled practitioner in the intuitive arts can actually see, feel and hear the emotional ‘build-up’ in a space as a heavy, gray congested energy. Everything that is ever said or done in a space, whether positive or negative, accumulates like dust on a table. For example if the house has had divorce, illness or relationship conflict this energy is present and will affect the occupants as an energy drain. This type of energetic build up can actually create negative responses, lack of drive and an inability to get things done.

Once a space has been energetically cleared, most people, even if they don’t consider themselves intuitive, will feel they will be able to breathe, work better and there is lightness or sparkle. There will also be more harmony, wellness, prosperity flow and improved relationships with family, friends or co-workers.

Ghost Phenomena

Non-Physical Energies

Non-Physical Energies

Sometimes adults or children will see, feel or sense phenomena known as ghosts.

This phenomena can be comprised of previous owner(s) who have died and not moved on to a higher spiritual realm.

An example would be a sensitive child or adult who can see or feel the movement of these energy forms. Thus creating nightmares, feelings of being watched, movement of objects and sleeplessness. There are people who are very aware of ghosts or “former owners” often found in older homes. They can actually see and/or communicate with them as if they were old friends. However, because of this friendship, a former owner/ghost may create scenarios to sabotage change of residence such as sale of a house

Other Non-Physical Phenomena

They are many different types of other non-physical energies that we will simply call “entities”. They can affect humans, animals, homes, lands, parks or hospitals and with different degrees of mayhem. An example with humans would be a obvious change in personality where a person’s energy or vibration has been lowered through heavy drug or alcohol abuse thus making it easier to connect and gain control of the user. There are many, many different scenarios with some writing whole books on the topic.

Energy Portals

bridgeghostsThere are other non-physical energy forms that live in what are called energy portals.

The portals look like an invisible bridge or a doorway connecting the physical world with the other dimensional realms. Where you may have one ghost attached to a house, a portal could have a steady flow of “visitors” and possibly more energy disturbances.

As human consciousness advances the so-called veils on these inter-dimensional doorways are becoming thinner and thinner which has allowed more people to experience this phenomena. Most people at one time or another in their lives will admit they have had a paranormal experience if there is no fear of ridicule.

Energy Vortexes And Power Spots

Power spots and energy vortexes are naturally occurring energy points like energy whirlpools that can flow clockwise or counter-clockwise. These energies vary in strength and can have a range of effects on the human energy system. For example, building a home on a strong energy vortex would overwhelm the human energy field and weaken the immune system. Conversely, strong power spots such as those found in Sedona, Arizona are used for short periods of time for ceremonies, mediation and spiritual growth.

Geopathic Stress/Earth Radiation

geostressTo simplify the very deep subject of geopathic stress, we would like to provide a brief description outlining both natural and man-made occurrences affecting all life forms.

The earth has its own natural stresses such as energy lines, earth energy grids, water domes, water streams, ley lines, Hartman and Curry lines. There are also electromagnetic man-made stresses such as underground cables, radio towers, microwaves, electricity cell towers, power stations, or airports. Every home has some form of electromagnetic energy that is not beneficial to our human energy system and can create stress and illnesses.


A highly advanced intuitive energy healer, using their intuitive ability, can ‘tune-in’ and assess which kinds of energies need to be cleared, shifted, realigned and/or balanced in different case scenarios. There are a many different energies or combinations of energies that need to be dealt with for permanent results. Advanced energy healers and/or dowsers can use the power of mind with specifically designed devices, special crystals, rocks or copper rods to correct imbalances for permanent results. This work can be done by distance, by phone consultation or an onsite personal consultation.

When doing an onsite consultation, instruction is given to the owner so they may re-check the balanced area for misalignments in case natural earth shifts have occurred. For example, people living in proximity to earthquake zones. This additional education empowers the owner in both learning and developing awareness of energy imbalances.

Personal Energy Clearing

For people wanting in depth personal clearing we are able to communicate directly with the soul, which may be fragmented. This communication brings greater harmony and oneness, which will assist to improve relationships, focus, direction, decision-making, health and well-being. We also combine soul record clearing work, known as Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) which utilizes a series of 31 charts to identify the deepest hidden influences on multiple levels of consciousness and lifetimes.


  • Clear ghosts and entities
  • Clear physical mental, spiritual and chronic health problems
  • Clear energies from antiques and other people’s personal effects
  • Ceremonial land blessings on pre-construction sites
  • Clearing personal obstacles or roadblocks in different areas of your life
  • Clearing to rebalance homes/ businesses for more prosperity and productivity
  • Clearing/creating a more harmonious/vitality of the atmosphere


Clientele Include

  • Realtors
  • Small businesses
  • Lawyers
  • Yoga studios
  • Lay people for their own personal challenges
  • Parents for behavioural problems in children/illnesses
  • Regular monthly clearings for large businesses


 You deserve to feel well!
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