Causal Realignment

Self-Mastery Through Causal Realignment

Layers Of The Human Energy Field

Around the physical body and the earth’s body are electro-magnetic layers called the Aura. The four major layers begin with the physical, which also contains energy transformation centres called chakras. Through the physical we express our attitudes, emotions and health. Next, the astral mirrors the physical world acting as a stepping stone between spirit and matter. The mental body pertains to our mind and consciousness, and is part of all the bodies.

Finally the Causal (Spiritual) Body is related to love and spirit through which Essential Universal life energy enters the aura and is distributed throughout the Chakra system.

The causal body is the most spiritual aspect of your aura and the connecting link to one’s higher self, soul, Spiritual Committee, God/Creator/Life Force.


Casual Realignment

Causal realignment is a gentle, powerful technique, which removes stress from the body and quiets the mind to aid in the release of any blocked energies. The alignment process brings the physical, astral, mental and causal bodies of the aura into perfect, harmonious alignment. It is the only treatment that totally realigns and harmonizes the causal body with the other auric bodies.

Purpose Of Causal Realignment

  • Increases our love of self and others
  • Removes negativity
  • Balances attitudes and emotions
  • Reconnects or strengthens the connection to our higher self
  • Balances the flow of energy around and through each of the auric bodies
  • Subtly brings one to Self-Mastery

Reasons For A Causal Realignment

  • Stress – times of change and choice
  • Fear
  • Traumatic experiences/illnesses
  • Relationship or career challenges
  • Feeling blocked or unable to move to the next level of your creativity

A depleted energy field or energy leaks in the leg represent an inablility to move forward:

                1. Good Energy Field
                2. Depleted Energy Field
                3. Energy Leaks



Symptoms needing Causal Realignment

  • Excessive thinking
  • Excessive criticism of self/others
  • Lack of emotional expression (suppression or repression of emotions)
  • Excessive emotion and over-expression of emotions (over-dramatizing)
  • Difficulty eating or overeating
  • Indecision and confusion or attitudes seeking direction but remaining scattered
  • Anything related to an individual’s flow of energy in any area of the mind and body ranging from the ability to sleep & relax – to the ability to move

Everyday stress and life traumas create tears, holes and blocks in physical energetic bodies.




Results Of A Causal Realignment

  • Deepened/strengthened connection to spirit
  • Improved academic grades and/or athletic performance
  • Detoxification/strengthening of the physical & spiritual bodies
  • Bringing creativity to the next level
  • Improved capacity/clarity to handle decisions
  • Increased ability to love self/others
  • Increased self confidence

How Causal Realignment Works

Causal Realignment occurs when an electromagnetic conductor is held above a person’s body. Interaction between the earth’s aura and the persona’s aura begins to resonate through the conductor, spinning it in whatever direction it needs to move to align the aura and our chakras.

The distance from the body the conductor is held, plus the pattern of treatment, allows the causal body to be included. Reaching the causal body in this manner does not occur completely in other healing treatments.

During the alignment, valuable personal information stored in the chakras and aura is often revealed to the client or practitioner, assisting with the client’s life situations growth as a whole.

The client does not need to disclose any information in order to receive benefits. The technique relaxes the body and the client’s mind to a deeper level providing greater rest. This allows the person’s energy to simply flow releasing blockages allowing an alignment/integration on all levels.


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