Feng Shui

 Feng Shui


Feng Shui is a 5000 year old art of studying environmental influences upon individuals-life force movement through the land.

Kaye has integrated this ancient art with years of intuitive work.

She also incorporates advanced energy techniques for better movement to create a more harmonious space. She uses the style of the Chinese compass and the eight directions to assess and correct any energetic imbalances in your home or business space. Kaye has a natural talent to “visually?connect with the client’s issue and the imbalance of a Feng Shui problem and know what type of cure will work with a client’s belief systems.

Real Estate agents/sellers find an immediate influx of buyers when use physical Feng Shui cures or do intuitive energy work in a home.






Mission Statement

To stand for excellence in professional Home Staging Services that create desirable spaces through strategic design and energy harmonizing, offering maximized return on investment, contentment and clarity of mental outlookfor all clients, including: homeowners and sellers, real estate and business agents. Applying my harmonized system of complementary techniques and disciplines, including metaphysical intuition, design and decor training and Feng Shui mastery to the presentation and setting of a home for life or business, will create an inviting, motivating appeal, sense of livability and belonging.


Kaye’s Way

The founder of www.clearyourpath.ca, a Metaphysical Consultant and Intuitive Energy Specialist with over 18 years of experience and practitioner of the 5000 year-old art of Feng Shui (translated as ‘wind and water’ the ancient Chinese art of object placement), Kaye has the skills and ‘gifts’ essential to take home staging further for powerful results. Over many years as a trainer and practitioner, Kaye has refined her methods and organized them into a market-tested system that coalesces her studied practices with her inborne ability to ‘tune-in’, keen subconscious perception and talents of divination. Kaye has proven her system by staging homes to successful outcomes through a variety of market conditions for over 10 years.



In today’s adjusting market, home-sellers will benefit from timely and attractive offers elicited from interested prospects as a result of sub-conscious cues triggered in a prospective buyer’s mind. These ‘hard-wired’ reflexes suggest comfort and contentment and lead to the desire to take action and buy. Applying Kristina’s methods will enhances the whole-home environment to create a complete lifestyle tableau into which a viewer is compelled to imagine themselves and their families. Statistics show that a home staged to inspire the imagination and envision a lifestyle will sell faster and for a higher price.



Taken further, the principles of Kaye’s system create positive living and working spaces that are energetically aligned, cleared of negative energetic influences and arranged in accordance to the ‘laws’ of Feng Shui, allowing for the free-flow of ideas, contentment, productivity and prosperity.


Room Before Room After
Kitchen  Before Kitchen After
Bedroom Before Bedroom After


Client Comments


 “I was amazed! Shortly after Kaye’s visit to the home there was a dramatic increase in the number of showings and as a result ? the home was SOLD!”

“Houses that have lagged on the market for months are suddenly being shown again, and again, and again!”

“The immediate increase in activity ?and offers was amazing!”

Feng Shui

“Personal issues are no longer under wraps. We are dealing with them.”

“Kaye cleared the negative energy and we are now staying in our home.”

“In 1-?weeks, I received $8000.00 of unexpected work.”

Additional Client Comments


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