About Kaye Jansen

About Kaye Jansen

Kaye027Kaye Jansen is a instructor who teaches Space Clearing, Meditation Therapy, Flying Stars Magic Square, Energy Healing , Intuition Technology (open Third Eye). She specializes in applications of alternative healing, alternative medicine and spiritual healing to put your life and energy into balance and thus improve your life quality and self where it should be. She uses proven holistic techniques that work.

She is also a very versatile and true Master of teaching various healing techniques to aspiring healing practitioners. Would you like to radically augment your healing practice, and have your clients quickly receive powerful and lasting results?

Mission Statement

Benefiting her clients with 25 years of experience in the natural healing modalities, utilizing an array of healing techniques that are integrated and simple. Compassionately assisting in unravelling one’s daily life stressors in a holistic manner. Facilitating healing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms; applied to the mind, body, living & work spaces, and surrounding land.

About her Life

After working for 7 years within a large hospital facility and watching the breakdown or “shotgun effect” of an over-crowded system that was not able to truly deal with the emotional well-being that is connected with physical illness.

The stresses of watching and being a part of this non-effective system felt like a form of abuse. This triggered an awakening and a desire to assess and improve stress and personal relationship conflict patterns from her past.

She began to see the learned-patterns in her life and the cause and effect created by life dramas. Moving out of a very impersonal health care system to embark upon her own healing, she unknowingly began a life-long spiritual journey. In her desire to release, forgive, sort through, and understand different spiritual beliefs systems she studied many different healing techniques and their effectiveness.

These healing techniques use a simple, integrated and holistic approach to one’s daily life stressors, while utilizing Kaye Jansen’s 25 years of experience in the natural healing modalities to encompass physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing; for the mind, body, home, office and the land.

About her Work

Kaye is a Teacher, Author and Public Speaker, having given numerous presentations on energetic healing modalities. Through her studies, she has learned and developed many different techniques of dealing with stress, relationships, and imbalances. As a highly-intuitive healing facilitator, she has been known for her ability to find the root cause of a person’s imbalances almost instantly whether over the phone or in personal sessions. She has been called a “Catalyst of Change” due to her ability to assist people to shift life challenges quickly and effectively with long-lasting benefits.

Kaye considers multiple influences when assessing a client’s situation to encompass a holistic and complete picture. She “tunes-in” to check what modalities may be needed to clear and heal the health or wellbeing issue. The assessment may include one or a combination of the following techniques:

Kaye’s Qualifications

SRT Practitioner

Kaye has trained with Robert Detzler author, founder and worldwide teacher of Spiritual Response Therapy.

Space Clearing

Kaye undertook a six month Intensive Clairvoyant/Past Life training which enables her to ‘tune-in’ and read the energy field around humans. At this course in 1990 she realized she has a natural gift to communicate with people who had passed over and people who are not present in the room during the reading.

As a co-founder and member of the Holistic Intuition Society/Calgary Dowsers, she has taken and assisted in many seminars and workshops and has had personal contact with some of the top international dowsers in the world.

Memberships and Associations

  • Co-founder of the Calgary Dowsers and Holistic Intuition Society
  • Founding member of the Alberta Feng Shui Society
  • Certified Practitioner and member of Spiritual Response Therapy Association
  • Member of the Ozark Research Centre
  • Certified Spiritual Consultant with the Spiritual Response Association in Seattle

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