GRAND OPENING!- See Specials

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a busy year and I have found two different types of healing work. More great tools to add to my other great sessions.
The New works are called NeurOptimal Neurofeedback and Trauma Incident  Reduction .These sessions  can assist you in  reaching Newer levels for a Happier Life with more  Passion, Clarity and Vitality!!!!!!
We would like to offer you a Special rate whether you are a first time client or previous client.  I would like to thank all my clients for all sharing in this  incredible journey of  working towards higher consciousness  l!!
So why not try one session and for those wanting to purchase no. of sessions we are offering pkg. deals. If you have any questions contact me.

I’m very sure you will love these sessions as my journey with them has be AWESOME……
Warms regards KAYE JANSEN

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