Kaye Jansen is a instructor who teaches Space clearing, Meditation Therapy ,Flying Stars Magic Square, Energy Healing, Intuition Technology (open Third Eye) at Vancouver Kaye Healing Arts. She specializes in applications of alternative healing, alternative medicine and spiritual healing to put your life and energy into balance and thus improve your life quality and self where it should be. She uses proven holistic techniques that work.

Some of her major services include:

  • Self-Mastery through Causal Realignment
  • SRT – Spiritual Response Therapy
  • Earth Radiation
  • Space Clearing for homes, offices and land
  • Energy Balancing, Soul Healing, Crystal Wands
  • Teaching Aspiring Healing Practitioners

She is also a very versatile and true Master of teaching various healing techniques to aspiring healing practitioners. Would you like to radically augment your healing practice, and have your clients quickly receive powerful and lasting results?


Benefiting her clients with 25 years of experience in the natural healing modalities, utilizing an array of healing techniques that are integrated and simple. Compassionately assisting in unravelling one’s daily life stressors in a holistic manner. Facilitating healing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms; applied to the mind, body, living & work spaces, and the surrounding land.

  • Space Clearing for Home and Business
    Space clearing is an important part of one’s overall health and well being.  Clearing ghosts or entities, negative happenings of previous owners, etc.  Clearing one’s environment is just as important as clearing the energy within ourselves.
  • Aura Readings – Human Energy Field
    Human Energy Field – Kaye expertly reads the entire auric field and chakras with her advanced knowledge of energetics and clears any negative influences, no matter how deep.
  • Psychic Mediumship
    Since an early age, Kaye has had experiences with non-physical realms.  Six months of intensive clairvoyance training opened up her talents to seeing, communication, healing and clearing negative influences from people and places and enabled her to communicate with loved one’s who have passed over.
  • Healing Sessions
    (Energy Balancing & Causal Realignment)  Align the physical body with the outer energy field, creating a deep communion with one’s divine self, to access one’s own healing abilities.  It can also:
    •   repair holes and tears in the auric field
    •   open the chakras for deep intuitive awareness and a sense of well being
    •   bring a deep release of any layered stresses
    •   bring deep relaxation, calmness
    •   allow an individual to let go of past issues such as blame or victimhood
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Willing to travel for client appointments.

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